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The ‘Nikita’ actor and his beautiful wife welcomed a baby boy named Hudson on Jan. 9. The pair showed off their son’s first photo along with snaps from the little guy’s fun animal-themed nursery!

Devon Sawa and his wife Dawni welcomed their first child together, a son named Hudson on Jan. 9. Devon kept the exciting news to himself for a few days, but couldn’t resist sharing his baby boy’s adorable first photo on Jan. 16. Congrats to the happy couple!

Devon Sawa Baby Born: ‘Nikita’ Actor Welcomes Son, Reveals First Photo

Devon Sawa Welcomes Baby BoyDevon, 35, and Dawni’s first son arrived on Jan. 9 and is “8 lbs., 1 oz. of pure love,” Devon told People in a statement.
Devon Sawa: ‘A Resurection’

Devon revealed his son’s first photo on Jan. 16, and upon careful inspection of the picture, can confirm that baby Hudson is adorable.
Devon Sawa Shares Baby’s Nursery

Devon did not announce his baby’s birth on Twitter, but her did tease the baby’s arrival before announcing any of the birth details.

Devon gushed that he was having a great week, and we can now share in his excitement!

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Nikita - How it would end

TORONTO, Canada — When the “Nikita” cast began filming their final season, they gathered together for a dinner at Lyndsy Fonseca’s Toronto place, where the topic of conversation was how their The CW show could end.

“We were having a good time,” Devon Sawa, who plays Sam/Owen in the series, said of the evening of fun. “Most of the cast was there and [co-executive producer/writer] Albert Kim, who is like a big part of our family. We just got together and had a vegetarian kind of BBQ.”

Back in September, visited the set of the series (courtesy of Warner Bros.), where Devon, Shane West and Aaron Stanford opened up about the evening they spent with their castmates, where they shared their suggestions on how to wrap up the show’s four season run.

Devon Sawa (Sam/Owen): “I didn’t have anything clever to say like the rest of them. … I just couldn’t think of anything not nasty to say on the chalkboard. ‘YOU ALL DIE!’ Most of them put something up there. Shane might have just put [an emoticon]. He loves those things. But yeah. It was funny.”

“Nikita” concludes on Friday night at 9/8c on The CW.

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Nikita's final two episodes

TORONTO, ONT — There are just two episodes left of The CW’s “Nikita,” and it was precisely at this point in the filming process when visited the Toronto set of the show, courtesy of Warner Bros., where the cast was getting used to the idea of saying goodbye.

It was a warm September day in Toronto as the cast began preparations for filming Season 4’s penultimate episode. Emotions were starting to set in for the cast, but everyone was determined to make those last two episodes powerful.

Devon Sawa, who plays Sam (formerly Owen), explained his reaction to knowing the end was so near.

“It’s sad. I love all these people here. I love Toronto, but I know I’m gonna be back to Toronto,” Devon said. “We’re all gonna go off and do something else and we’ll keep in touch. We’re just glad we got six [episodes] ‘cause there was a lot of talk about not getting anything at all because of [The] CW doing this whole big push of new stuff this year, so they were really cool giving us six to kind of wrap it up and we’ve wrapped everything up and we’ve also created this six part like miniseries that’s kind of cool.”

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Devon Sawa Expecting Baby Boy

Nikita actor Devon Sawa and his wife Dawni are expecting a boy. His rep told E! News recently, “Devon Sawa and his wife are having a boy. The baby is due the first week of January.”

Devon has been working on the nursery and posted photos on his Twitter account.

Showing off a crib he wrote, “Arrived today, room’s almost done.”

In September Sawa talked about the chemistry between Alex and Sam being explored on “Nikita’s” final season.

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Devon Sawa is going to be a dad!

A rep for the actor tells E! News, “Devon Sawa and his wife are having a boy. The baby is due the first week of January.”

With the New Year comes a new little addition!

This marks the first child for the Canadian-born actor and his wife. Sawa is currently playing Owen on the CW’s hit show Nikita.

Over the weekend, the future father shared a picture of the nursery that he’s set up for his son.

“Arrived today, room’s almost done,” he wrote.

The image showed off an ivory crib with wood paneling and a few animal-themed picture frames that hadn’t been hung up yet.

Clearly, someone is already in nest mode!

“Thanks for all the well wishes,” he added on his social media account. “We’re very excited.”

And that’s not the only thing he’s shared on Twitter.

For the last several weeks, Sawa has been posting pictures showing how the nursery is progressing along.

From the laundry baskets to a decorative ottoman, the soon-to-be parents have been shopping around the clock to ensure that their baby’s bedroom is completed just in time.

Congratulations to the future family of three!

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Devon Sawa on Nikita Season 4

TORONTO, ONT. — There will be some serious Sam Matthews action on tonight’s all new episode of The CW’s “Nikita,” but Owen isn’t completely gone.

“Sometimes they write in, ‘You see a little Sam,’ or ‘You see a little Owen,’” Devon Sawa, who plays Sam/Owen, explained when asked him to clarify his character’s identity this season, during a visit to the show’s set earlier this fall.

But seeing traces of Owen won’t be immediate. Devon said hints of his former character come in later in the season (he was about to start shooting Episode 5 when Warner Bros. flew us up to the show’s Toronto set during production, where they made us their guests).

“It’s been Sam up until this point — up until today. Today’s the first time we’ve kind of peppered in a little bit of Owen,” he told Access, at the time. “And it’s still Sam. Owen’s gone. … Sam came back and now he’s got a little good coming out every once in a while.”

Sam has a serious set of problems this season. While they’re not quite as dire as the one facing Maggie Q’s Nikita (ie: having nearly the entire world after her thinking she killed the President), they are just as life threatening.

“I want nothing to do with this superfriends thing. To me, they’re bogus. I should be on my own show, you know what I mean?” Devon joked, referring to how Sam looks at his Season 4 issues, which get explained in this week’s episode. (He appeared briefly in the season premiere, last week.)

“Instead, I’ve had a gambling problem and I’m in this huge debt and I know they [have] money, so that’s what brings me back to them because I know Alex has got money and I know… their team has money, so that’s where I’m at,” he added.

And, outside of Sam’s debt troubles, coming back into contact with Lyndsy Fonseca’s Alex could lead to romance, although not right away.

“He’s all into paying off his debt, which he has this year with these gangsters… and then he’s made to team up with Alex and she just starts — she starts bringing out the good in him. It’s kind of like — I’ve said it before, but it’s kind of like the movie ‘As Good As It Gets,’ where Jack Nicholson says the line, ‘You make me want to be a better man.’ It’s kind of like that. It’s like he’s this evil guy and she just lights something, lights a spark in him.”

Devon said the chemistry between Alex and Sam is explored in “Nikita’s” final season, but with consideration to the characters’ histories.

“The writers are very careful to be respectful to Emily and to [Sean] Pierce, but there was always something with Alex and Owen,” Devon said in response to another reporter’s question. “There was always this little unspoken thing going on, a little spark… and so we kind of explore that a little bit. It may go there. Yeah, I would put money on it going there.”

“Nikita” airs Fridays at 9/8c on The CW.