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Tired of the usual types of games and not thrilling at all. Of course this makes many gamers turn away and change direction. Looking for a challenging and exciting game, maybe you can enjoy the Mighty Minotaur game. The game is so full of thrill and thrill that you will feel scared and run.

Mighty Minotaur is a game that depicts a strong and mighty buffalo warrior. Warriors who only heard of a mythical story that is strong and full of embers. This game which has 5 reels and 6 rows also provides a bonus game that is no less interesting than other games.

Recognizing symbols through info

Devonsawa – You can find various symbols in the game Might Minotaur. Mighty Minotaur game being developed by Novomatic. Games that have a background theme full of smoldering fire plus a lot of standing flags in war. Each symbol can bring many unexpected wins.

There are several symbols that you can see while in the game info. Not only symbols that you will encounter but you will also see the numbers and the number of symbols that can give you a winning value when playing the game. There are mighty minotaurs, fruit, jars, trumpet horns, harps, flags, coins, gold bulls, and remy card marks A, K, Q, and J.

strong bull
the golden bull gave an unexpected surprise//strong bull

Game symbols

Wild will replace all tokens except gold fort and game coins. Wild is a flag. The mighty minotaur game also has a bonus logo in the form of a gold bull. If you want to get free spins, you can use a gold bull. The value of the gold bull is not only free spins but can also give a winning value.

The number of gold bull symbols is 3, 4, and 5 will be given free spins of 8, 16, and 24 free spins. If you want more fun, you can collect wilds. Wild will only be present in game rounds 2 to 5 game rounds. Each presence of a wild will give a double value of 2x and 3x of the symbol combination. The higher the bet value, the more chances to win. Don’t forget the power of the game in the form of power.

Free spins and bonus games

Not only gold bulls can give free spins, but coin tokens can also give free spins 1 time. To win the game you must know the steps to win the game. There are 60 ways to win easily in the Mighty Minotaur game. There is a game jackpot ready to flood your pocket. Mini, minor, major and grand game jackpots.

During the game, gamers will be invited to the bonus game. In the bonus game there is a mighty minotaur who is ready to lead us to victory. The bull is ready to issue the game jackpot and you will be asked to choose and press it. In it there will be several jackpots and double values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you can achieve.

Cool game of strong bull

The jackpot will come again if you get the same sign with the long winning direction. Mighty Minotaur has a myth that is believed to provide protection and also give bonuses to unlimited maze games. So what are you waiting for, if you are still curious, you can play the game and get a cool bonus from the Mighty Minotaur. Only by playing via mobile will make it easier for you to win bigger.