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Amazon treasures

Amazon treasures

Amazon treasures novomatic

Amazon treasures will give you many unexpected gifts. Various types of infinite treasures can gamers find in the forests that look mystical. When entering the game, gamers will find beautiful women who work as beautiful priests. The game amazon treasures gamers will be invited to an unexpected place.

There is a very important power that you will get with a beautiful victory. Who refuses abundant treasure and great power. Various types of symbols and values ​​can gamers can get on a screen that has 5 reels. Win this game with the power you have got from the beautiful priest by 10 wins.

The presence of the game symbol

Devonsawa – Apply discipline from yourself so that everything you have learned is not lost. Especially the rules of playing the game amazon treasures that will make destiny help you with everything that can be obtained easily. in the game amazon treasures you will find several symbols that represent amazon and mystical powers.

The symbols are in the form of several beautiful women who master several different skills. There are those who use arrows, swords, spears, the goddess of light, and there are still women who guard the temple. Other symbols are treasure chests, and card symbols A, K, Q, J, and number 10. In the amazon treasures game this time it’s a little different from other game symbols. Novomatic provides many unexpected wilds for you when you win the game.

great woman
temple full of treasure//great woman

Victory direction

Women who have great power and temples that store power become wild symbols. Wild which can replace all symbols except the special sign that has been provided by novomatic. A special sign that gamers can get is a treasure chest. Each chest that gamers get as many as 3 chests will bring 10 free spins.

Just before activating the free spins the treasure chest will open and reveal a temple guarded by women. This will get you 10 free spins. The presence of free spins will provide many opportunities to win easily. The symbols that make up the winning value start from left to right and only scatters do not follow the winning direction.

Free spins

Scatter can be present on any reel so gamers can get easy scores when the scatter is present. A symbol that has its own value and can also perform a combination of values. Amazon treasures when we hear the name amazon, we think that life in the amazon is so hard. Where women struggle to live and strengthen their every territory. Not just an ordinary woman but a strong woman who can help you through the path of tracing the treasure trail.

When you get a free spin, there will be several colorful circles in the form of all the symbols in the game. In these colors will twinkle determine what symbols can give value during the free spins. If the selected symbol appears, the symbol will multiply the symbol and give you a winning value.

Get free spins as often as possible so that you can get symbol values ​​more easily when playing the amazon treasures game. Also enjoy the additional games available in the amazon treasures game. In this game you can determine the color behind the card. Choose black or red if your guess is correct then the value will be entered if your guess is wrong then the value will be lost.