Starshine Devon Sawa

Eminem’s “Stan” Music Video (2000)

The Story

In this music video, Devon becomes Eminem for a day! Devon plays Stan who is living with his impregnated girlfriend, played by Dido. Stan likes to go down to his basement where hundreds of Eminem posters scattered all over the wall, plus videos, a life sized dummy of Eminem and more — his underground Eminem obsession. Throughout the video, Stan is writing fan-mail letters to Eminem, but Eminem never seems to write back because he’s too busy. When he does get the time to write back, he finds out it’s too late.

Did You Know?

Eminem wanted someone else to sing for him because he wanted people to recognize him in all different angles, whether it’s an actor, an actress or other musician singing his music.

Eminem On Devon:

“”But Devon is actually perfect for the role, now that we’ve watched him do his thing,” he continued. “He fits right into it. We were doing something on camera yesterday, and we were watching a tape back, and it was him, and then it was my take to do the exact same thing, and we couldn’t tell through the camera which one was my take and which was his.”

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