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About Devon

The Early Days

Devon Edward Sawa was born on September the 7th, 1978, in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada.  His father, Edward, is of Polish descent, and his mother, Joyce, is Canadian.  Devon is the eldest of the couple’s three children, Brandon, and Stephanie.  His hair is naturally blonde, and eyes are blue.  He stands just about 6ft tall.

Being a very energetic child, Devon needed to channel his energy into a hobby.  That is when his mother enrolled him in acting classes!  His first role was in a play called “The Magical Toy”, in which he played the toy.  He was then only 5 years old, in kindergarten.  His parents later enrolled him in an acting school, and he began to take on roles in local productions.


At age 15, Devon took on the role of Casper, in the 1995 self-titled movie.  This was Devon’s first major role, and the beginning of his mainstream career.

“Can I keep you?” — Casper

Two years and four major movies later, Devon is cast in Wild America, the hottest teen movie of summer 1997.  His fame then skyrockets, and this is also when he decides to move to L.A. to land more roles.  He also starts to express his “wild” side by getting two tattoos, a cross and a devil, one on each bicep.


After taking a long break to cope with the sudden success, Devon is cast in some low-key productions, The Guilty, and Around The Fire.  In 1999, he stars in Idle Hands, however, the horror flick sadly coincided with the Columbia shootings.


Even though by then, he had done few major movies, it was clear that he demonstrated incredible talent, and in 2000 he landed his biggest role to date: Final Destination.  The film became a household name, and was the first of many sequels.Sadly, he did not star in the others; rumors mention that they had financial issues.  Those who follow the sequels can easily tell that it does not relate to the essential concept of the movies (everyone dies!).


Taking a break from the horror scene, Devon stars in a crude comedy, Slackers, in 2001.  Extreme Ops (2002), and the hilarious Extreme Dating (2004) then follow.  During this time, he gets engaged to his longtime girlfriend Jessica.  However, it is still unknown as to what became of their status.


Devon took a very long break this time around, but lent his voice in an animated Spider-Man episode on MTV (2003), was cast in “Shooting Gallery” (2005), and a few horror flicks such as “Devil’s Den” (2006) and “Creatures of Darkness” (2009).

“Huge horror fan; huge Rob Zombie fan, I love his work. I would love to work with him.” — Devon


In 2009, he filmed “Endure”, which became highly publicized. The film’s crew posted updates on the social networking site Twitter, and before long, our very own Devon began getting back in touch with his fans via Twitter!

He was in “Random Walk”.  We are awaiting word on when it will be out on DVD.  Devon was also seen in an episode of NCIS.


In early 2011, Devon was seen in a few episodes of the action/crime drama, “Nikita”. The show gave him enough publicity which fans now proclaim that he’s live and kicking!  His role in “Nikita” has led him to be in 4 episodes so far with many more to come.

He has three movies lined up: “388 Arletta Avenue”, which is hitting film festival circuits.  Then there is, “Sibling” and “The Philly Kid”.  Fans can look forward to seeing him in many projects in the near future!

Biography written by Dora ©

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